App Lock & Gallery Vault


Limit access to your smartphone


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Protect your phone's content from nosy people with App Lock & Gallery Vault, a handy tool to limit access to the apps, pictures, videos, and documents on your device.

This tool can lock in three ways: with a numeric PIN, a word or letter sequence, or a set pattern. No matter how it's encrypted, once you enter the initial password, you'll have to use it not just to open blocked apps but also to open App Lock & Gallery Vault itself, so no one else can remove the app to get rid of the blocking mechanism.

The app interface makes it easy for you to protect apps: in the main window you tick everything you want to protect and untick anything you don't care about leaving open – just one tap per app.

You can also limit access to specific albums and videos, which will give you more freedom to snap photos that will then be protected in a specific, locked folder.